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About South Carolina Hydrographics

South Carolina Hydrographics is Columbia South Carolina’s premier hydrographics and hydrodipping company. We serve clients in regions across the United States and are centrally located in the capital of South Carolina.

Hydrographics, or hydro-dipping, is a method of immersion printing, water-transfer printing, water-transfer imaging, or cubic printing, which applies printed designs to any three-dimensional surface that can be painted: metal, fiberglass, plastic, glass, hardwoods, and various other materials. The certified technicians at South Carolina Hydrographics are experienced in customizing golf-cart bodies, sports equipment, marine equipment, motorcycles, ATVs, automotive accessories, and so much more.

The company specializes in creative customizing of golf carts using:

1) Unique paint varieties including metallics, pearls, candy-coat colors, pinstripes, and two or three tones

2) Original and artistic designs with hydrographic film or paint and film combinations

The expert technicians at South Carolina Hydrographics are ready to help you make your special painting creations a reality. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your dreams started….If you can dream it, we can dip it!
-Zach Buckley – Owner

Meet Our Team

Zack Buckley
Zack BuckleyOwner
It has been such an honor to service customers to see their dreams come true, whether for business or pleasure. I enjoy the creativity that hydrographics has given me to enhance a variety of three dimensional objects. I am extremely grateful that some of you have put into words what we have done for you when we helped to make your dreams a reality. -Zach Buckley

Who Are We

Using state-of the-art hydrographic film equipment, South Carolina Hydrographics can create the distinctive graphics and painting you have dreamed of. Trained technicians, certified through TWN Industries, will turn your dream into a reality through their expert water transfer printing processes and detailed procedures.
We always deliver on time with world-class Southern service.
Our prices are highly competitive and offer amazing value with your incredible custom paint look for your item.
We offer the finest service on the East Coast, period.

Our Mad Skills

Hydrographics 95
Custom Gun Painting 90
Custom Gun Painting 85
Custom Auto/Motorcycle Painting 75
Custom Airbrush Painting 70